Bees are essential to the health of the ecosystem, pollinating trees, plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits; one third of the UK’s food is pollinated by bees. Throughout the ages bees have been revered for their produce, from delicious honey and mead (honey wine) to beeswax and propolis used in health supplements. Despite their qualities, bee numbers are in decline due to a loss of habitat caused by intensive farming.

Nurture can install and manage hives as a single project or as part of a wider Biodiversity Action Plan. We have installed over 41 hives across the country and have hives located at Chiswick Park in West London and Cranfield University in Milton Keynes to name but a few.


Watch our video by Nurture Bee Keeper John Beavan on our Honey Bee Hives: Nurture's Honey Bee Hives

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