Exterior Plants

From beds and troughs to window boxes and baskets, Nurture has the ability to transform the exterior and environs of any building. Anonymous and uninspiring entrances can be replaced with a sea of colour, or bold statement planting, complementing any city square or cobbled lane.

We grow our own bedding and can supply colour palettes to suit corporate branding.

We have extensive experience in the commercial, leisure and retail environments, where an attractive and welcoming fa├žade is essential to stand out from the crowd and draw in custom. Seasonal changes and maintenance are tailored to individual requirements. This includes working throughout the night to replace baskets and troughs to reduce impact on both our customers and their clients.

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360x360_exterior Broadgate Finbury Ave Square Planters.jpg NurtureBroadgate_Bamboo_2017_360x360.jpg
Commercial planters