Classic 10

This year, we’ve created our Nurture Classic 10 range of trees, available in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 10ft either live or artificial. We’ve carefully selected our 10 most popular colour choices to make your life easier when choosing what you want this Christmas. You can order a single tree or several trees with coordinating garlands and other extras. We recommend choosing your corporate colour or colours that would match your surroundings. Send us a photo of your space and our sales or design team can advise on a colour scheme.

The Classic 10 trees are pictured below with and without the additional under tree boxes as well as a section of garland which is available in 9ft lengths. Due to our variety of decorations across our multiple Christmas sites you may not receive the same decorations seen in the photos.

We have included a picture of some alternative decorations in the Classic 10 gallery.

Click images to enlarge and scroll through each gallery.

We use premium grade artificial trees with a lovely even shape that will look fantastic with our range of decorations. We recommend artificial trees for warm environments or for anyone who would like their tree for a long period of time.

For those of you who prefer the real thing, we supply live trees from our select list of reputable growers. Live trees up to 10ft are kept in stands filled with water which will need to be refilled. We aim to deliver live trees no sooner than the first week of December to maintain freshness right up to the end Christmas.

Under tree boxes are a great way to finish off your tree. These are available in gold or silver and will complement the decorations on your tree. For the Classic 10 range, we recommend 1 set for 6ft, 7ft and 8ft trees, and 2 sets for a 10ft tree.

Under tree boxes
Under tree boxes

Ready to order? Call us on 01908 286185 in the south, or 01254 886126 in the north. Visit the Contact page to find which is your local office.

For a larger selection of colour options, tree sizes, and WOW factor, please see our Deluxe range.