Top tips for effective gritting of footpaths

gritting ice covered footpath

To avoid your paths becoming like skating rinks here are some of the most effective ways to clear the snow and ice from your exterior paths.


  1. Common rock salt is by far and away the most used de-icer. In the UK we use close to 5m tonnes of rock salt each year. However it is effective, cheap but is not kind to animals or the environment around it.
  2. Built in heat mats or under car park heating is used in many ski resorts on the continent where they have several months of continuous snow. In the UK however the high costs of installation and running these systems are not worthwhile for the shorter more wet weather that we experience in the UK.
  3. Sand. Whilst good for reducing the slipperiness of ice and allowing vars to gain traction, the resulting residue can clog up drains after the ice has thawed.
  4. Snow ploughs and snow clearing. The greenest solution is of course to physically clear the snow and to prevent it from building up and turning into ice in the first place
  5. Standard green de-icing products are effective for temperatures above -3 however there are other low corrosive alternatives which can work at temperatures down to -50.


With all of the above, timing is key and this is where a specialist winter maintenance contractor such as Nurture comes in. Their advanced weather monitoring software allows them to prepare in advance so that when the snow and ice hit, the ground is already prepared with the correct product for that environment. Ensuring that there is always effective gritting of footpaths.

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