Thinking of having an interior plant wall installed?

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First of all let's look at what a living plant wall, or just simply a 'living wall' is. It is best described as a designed vertical planting scheme that creates an indoor garden which can be used as a feature wall.

Suitable for reception areas, or break out rooms where a calm relaxed and de-stressed environment is sought. Enhanced health and well being of staff has been shown to lead to a more productive environment. Indeed research has shown that having plants in the workplce can give a 12% increase in poductivity.

In retail environments studies show that people are attraced to spaces with natural green features.

There are benfits to air quality both when living walls are employed indoors and also when used outdoors. They can absorb upto 40% of harmful inner city polution particles.

As well as of corse creating that WOW factor that any recption area needs, with added absorbtion of noise.

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