A stitch in time, why timely snow clearing is so important

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Once snow becomes compacted, snow clearing is much harder. So timely snow clearing is really a case of 'a stitch in time saves nine'.

Here are our top tips for effective snow clearing:

  1. If snow clearing is a frequent task then a snow blower is the quickest way to keep paths clear. If the snow is wetter and heavier, as it tends to be in much of the UK, then a snow thrower is more effective.
  2. Timing - Clearing the snow early in the morning whilst it's still fresh and light is both easier, and it allows the sun (if there is any) to warm the path or road surface below during the day, which will help to clear any remaining ice.
  3. Pay extra attention to stepped areas and sloping paths. Plan ahead and get these salted or gritted the night before. See our article on selecting the correct grit for more advice here.
  4. Use salt, grit or sand, never use water to clear a path as it will just re-freeze and be harder to spot and potentially therefore more dangerous.
  5. When clearing snow, watch where you put it. The piles of snow may well linger for several days and if it is blocking an entrance, this will become an issue.
  6. Use a winter maintenance company such as Nurture Landscapes for your winter maintenance and snow clearing.

The above advice is for larger premises however with the increase in home working, your staff working from home will wish to stay safe. Here are some useful tricks that they can use with items that they will have to hand in the house.

Cooking spray or oil on the snow shovel will stop snow building up and sticking to it. Also although it's not pleasant, starting to clear snow while it is still snowing prevents the build up becoming compacted.

When you're doing this, if the snow is slippy. Try putting socks over your shoes to provide a bit more traction.

Or plan ahead and lay down a tarpaulin over the area, such as a parking spot, so that it remains ice free and you can easily drag the snow away.

Not got a snow blower? In the UK that's no surprise, but you may well have a leaf blower in the shed. Time to employ that to good effect on the lighter top snow. If you have a Henry vacum or similar, you can connect the hose to the exhaust and use that as a snow blower too.

So plan ahead, and save time and effort to make your snow clearing tactics more effective.




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