Landscaping and grounds maintenance contractors near me

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If your are looking for landscaping and grounds maintenance in your local area, you should draw up a list of your requirements and locations and use this to select the best company for your needs.

Ensuring that your landscaped areas are always healthy and looking good, with mowed lawns, ferlized lawns, and trimmed trees and bushes. Beyond this also pest control, insect treatments and leaf removal. In spring mulching and cleanup in preparation for the growing season and aeriation of lawns and re-seading of grassed areas.

Ensure that you understand what is and is not included in your landscape maintenance contract to avoid awkward questions later. Understanding what isn't covered is just as important and what is. An eample of this would be replacement plants, these may well not be covered.

Once the contract is agreed, then the perfect relationship with your landscaping and grounds maintenance contractor, is when you allow them to work as your partner in keeping your grounds looking good.

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