Enhance your interior office space with an interior living wall

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Bringing nature into your office space with an interior living wall provides multiple benefits.

They take up minimal space, yet transorm the atmosphere around them, from purifying the air to the simple aesthetic that a calming green living wall can give in even the most busy environment. They have been shown to boost office productivity as well a absorbing polutants given off by computers and office equipment and purifying the air.

There are lots of terms for a living wall, such as 'green wall' 'eco walls' or 'vertical gardens' and equally as many different types which depending on the intended setting there will be a version suitable for your space, however limited that may be.

It is well understood that pot plants in the office environment boost well being and productivity. However an entire living wall will magnify this positive imapct.

Whether it's an office, retail or hospitaliy space, and interior living wall provides a very positive impact to both the visual feel and the air quality around it.

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