Choosing the correct grit for your winter gritting

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When it comes to the time for winter gritting, it is important to choose the correct product for the right environment.

Regular road grit is corrosive, so you would not want to use this on metal steps such as fire escapes for example. Equally when gritting a path, being aware of the run off meltwater and whether that will come into contact with delicate landscaped areas.

Specialist liquids, which offer low working temperatures, and low and noncorrosive longer-lasting de-icers are available for use as part of your winter maintenance strategy. Indeed some platform de-icers work at temperatures up to -50°C, are pet friendly and have a low environmental impact as well as being concrete safe.

Conversely, brown rock salt or brown grit comes in bulk and is used as road grit in the UK, conforming to the BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt.

By using a specialist winter maintenance contractor such as Nurture you can ensure that the correct product is used at the right time for your winter gritting.




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