Check out the long range winter weather outlook to plan your gritting snow clearance

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Long range forecasts for the UK for winter 2021/22 show snow falling in Wales and the far north as early as the end of October. If you havn't already, it is time to review your winter gritting and snow clearnce strategy for the coming winter.

The mild autumn can lure you into a false sense of security, however as we all know, winter can start quite suddenly. So the return to cold temperatures is the weeks ahead is the wake up call to review your plans.

Low lying areas won't see the snow for a little while yet, howver the Polar Vortex which are the winds that dictate much of our winter weather are prone to suddenchanges. The vortex can go into reverse which is what leads to dramatic drops in temperature and severe cold.

Watching for these events is key to your just in time winter gritting amd snow clearance strategy.



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