Waste Not, Want Not


As every gardener knows, collecting and disposing of clippings is a job in itself. It is not a task that concerns Nurture’s clients since removing cuttings is all part of the service. We are committed to recycling and reusing material wherever possible so we ensure our clients’ waste does not go to waste.

Nurture is a licensed waste carrier and transports all grass and hedge cuttings, used bedding from baskets and troughs along with Christmas trees to waste pens at our various depots. After rotting down for a few months the material is first shredded and then screened in a rotating drum. The resulting compost is then ready for spreading or re-use across the business, providing valuable nutrients to growing plants.

The process is extremely efficient, with around 120m³ of waste producing 100m³ of compost. Larger clients such as Chiswick Park also maintain waste bins to produce compost on site.

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