The Oracle Celebrates 20 Years


The Oracle, Reading, carried out their 20th Anniversary celebrations at the Riverside on September 21st.

Unfortunately the irrigation system on their living wall had failed and had turned all the plants brown but luckily our team were on hand to help...

We received a call stating that the irrigation system at the Oracle had failed and turned their living green wall brown! Upon receiving the call, our team jumped into action and a response team was put in place.

Plants had to be coordinated and shipped in from our Northern nursery to our Upminster depot, where then a mass planting shift occurred and then our team drove to Reading and worked through the night to plant up the wall.
A special thank you to Bruce Quigley and Becca Poland from our install team, and Sara from our admin team for handlingly the call so promptly. Becca drove 8 and a half hours up to Lincolnshire and back to pick up the 1000 extra plants needed, and Bruce coordinated the plant delivery and replanting with the help from Stuart Cochran, our Installation Manager.  
"Please pass on my appreciation and utmost gratitude to Bruce and Becca for the excellent organisation and professional work they carried out on our green wall last night. They were under a lot of pressure to have it completed for The Oracle's 20th Anniversary celebrations happening on the Riverside today. They worked through the night and not only did they complete the work in time, it looks absolutely stunning. By far the best it has ever looked."
Jayne Conway, Environmental Services Manager, ABM UK Ltd

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