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Pictured above: The beautiful Chiswick Park ©Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

We’re delighted that our long-standing and successful relationship with Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work is set to continue, with sustainability and community remaining at the heart of its foundation.

We have been conducting a full grounds maintenance service at 33-acre Chiswick Park since 2010. During that time, the site has received numerous industry awards, including both the internationally-recognised Green Flag and Green Apple awards and the British Association for Landscaping Industries (BALI) principal award for Grounds Maintenance – Limited Public Access.

Our two organisations share a mutual commitment to protecting the environment and developing strong connections within the local community. One of the many initiatives we have had a significant hand in is the introduction of two beehives housing a combined 120,000 bees to aid conservation and improve public awareness of the role bees play within the UK ecosystem. The honey is annually harvested under the supervision of our resident beekeepers.

In addition, Chiswick Park and Nurture have collaborated to install a wormery containing 100,000 worms which break down around 50kg of food waste per day which would otherwise have been transported away in high-emission vehicles. The vermicompost created as a result of this process is then fed back to the Park to help nurture shrubs and trees, which we also maintain using electric or battery-powered equipment.

These are just two of the many initiatives we have worked in partnership with the Park on to continue developing the environmentally-friendly community it is today. Our experts have been on hand with introducing fresh floral displays to the Chiswick Park’s reception areas, changing them each week with water top-ups carried out when needed.

The picturesque lake in the centre of the park is maintained monthly, with weeds cut back and irrigation systems used from April to September. The latter ensures that only the right amount of water for the Park’s grass areas and plants is used – no water goes to waste – and can also be used during the colder months to keep the lake level consistent.

Gary Blackledge, Operations Director Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work said: “Our shared vision with Nurture goes way beyond designing a beautiful landscape. We want to enhance our green space and increase biodiversity to create the ideal environment which will flourish over the years for generations to come to enjoy.”

With changing seasons and the UK’s unpredictable weather patterns, it is important to remain as prepared as possible, especially when ice and frost return to the walkways. Throughout the years, we have been able to understand the optimum times of the year to begin winter maintenance and gritting as part of our annual plan for the site, working closely with Chiswick Park’s management teams to focus on the specific requirements at individual areas.

This is all part of both ours and the client’s ambition to nurture a site which is ideal for both business and wellbeing. As we have learnt throughout the pandemic, the workplace is no longer confined to a single office – it is also the outdoor space surrounding it making it accessible for the community, business and public alike.

We’re immensely grateful for the brilliant relationship we have enjoyed with Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and are set to continue enjoying for many years to come. 

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