Carbon Neutral status in accordance with PAS2060


W​​​​​e are delighted to announce that we have achieved carbon neutral status in accordance with the global PAS 2060 standard. Working with ECA Business Energy, an independent energy management advice company, we spent the last 12months evaluating the Nurture Landscapes Group’s business processes and operations. This was a lengthy task with us having several regional offices nationwide, a fleet of over 700 vehicles and a workforce of over 1250 employees, so it was a great achievement to accomplish this four years ahead of our original target date of 2025.

This has now provided us the scope to focus on becoming a net zero business by 2030, reducing our total emissions year on year to reach this goal.

Our commitment to making the world a better place for future generations is not something that will happen overnight, nor without considerable investment – it is something that each of us as individuals is responsible for working towards and becoming carbon neutral is just one chapter of this story.

For more information, visit our Carbon Neutral Page

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