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Nurture spares no effort to keep clients happy and would go to the ends of the Earth if necessary. This Summer staff have been around the world, or at least travelled the equivalent distance, some 39,000km.

The Summer refresh of hanging baskets is a mammoth exercise involving seven teams over a six week period. Two teams cover the South with the remaining five operating across the North. More than 900 sites were visited to replace and install 12,000 units including baskets, barrels, mangers and window boxes.

The teams travelled to hotels, council buildings, shopping centres and commercial offices, with the majority being installed at pubs belonging to Spirit Pub Company. No two sites are the same, with different combinations for each. The exercise involves extensive coordination, from collecting the required plants from Nurture’s nursery in the north of England to ensuring the replacement slot is convenient for the client.

Nicola Pegg, Purchasing Executive for Spirit, said:

“Since the contract was put in place 18 months ago, the relationship has gone from strength to strength with key strategies put in place to ensure Spirit Pub Company have market-leading external visuals.”

Individual two-person teams visited around eight sites a day, from Northampton to Aberdeen in the North and across Kent to Cornwall in the South. Once installed Nurture returns on a regular basis to feed, water and dead head, ensuring that external planting oozes kerb appeal at all times.

As part of Nurture’s commitment to sustainability all redundant baskets and bedding are returned to the nursery and shredded before recycling into compost.

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